Wistia is a video marketing platform built specifically for business.
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Unified API

Flash and HTML5, in beautiful harmony

In ancient times, a.k.a. about a month ago, Wistia's Player API (and all associated documentation) basically controlled the Flash side of the player, without really allowing much control on the HTML5...

January 24, 2012. Alyce.
Smooth Playback

Flash vs. HTML5

With business video on the web, one of the most important priorities is deliverability--you want the majority of people (in fact, more than the majority of people) to be able to view your video...

September 27, 2011. Alyce.

Dim the Lights

Wistia at the Movies Strikes Back!

After a successful premiere event, Wistia at the Movies (or WAM) returns on Wednesday, July 27th 2011. Come for the popcorn, beer, and candy, and stay for the ping-pong, dance music, and laughs. This...

July 20, 2011. Jeff.

Announcing the Slimlist

The Slimlist is a lightweight, fully customizable video playlist that’s incredibly easy to use. The Slimlist is special in a couple of ways. For one, it’s not built in Flash -- it’s built completely in...

September 9, 2010. Chris S..

Video Analytics for the iPad

Today, we're elated to announce that not only will Wistia videos play on an iPad (and an iPhone and any other HTML5 compatible devices), but their playback will be tracked in the exact same way...

May 6, 2010. Chris S..