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How to Make Your First Video

Creating a simple video in under two hours

When I first started making videos, I was intimidated. The vast library of tutorials available actually served to make me more nervous: was there that much I could be doing wrong? Should I even bother,...

May 7, 2014. Elise.
Non Sequitur Fridays

An iPhone and GoPro Ski Movie

My ski trip to Jackson Hole in February marked a milestone for me. This was the first trip I went on where I didn't use my Canon 5D, which I specifically planned packed to shoot ski footage. And yet, I...

March 21, 2014. Chris L..
Video Toolkit

Make Video Easily Online with Animoto

Video is a powerful marketing tool, but it can be intimidating at first. The folks at Animoto help make video more attainable for anyone, regardless of experience with cameras or editing software. Here...

January 15, 2014. Kristen.
Video Toolkit

Use Directr to Shoot and Edit Videos with Your iPhone

We've been talking a lot here about making video more accessible for every business, so we were stoked to see that our fellow Boston video nerds at were working on a new business-specific video...

January 13, 2014. Alyce.
Video Toolkit

The Equipment and Process Behind Mack Web's First Video Shoot

Hello Wistia friends! My name is Tyler Brooks, and I have the pleasure of working with the team at Mack Web Solutions. When we were preparing to launch a major piece of content we created, we decided to...

November 11, 2013. Tyler.
Top Hat Tips

Start With Low-Risk Videos

Among the many challenges you face when getting started with online video is knowing exactly which videos to make first. It's pretty tempting to tackle the front page explainer video because that video...

September 17, 2013. Ezra.
Top Hat Tips

Use a Laptop and Chair as a Teleprompter

Speaking into a traditional teleprompter can make you sound like a robot. One way to sound more human: grab your laptop, borrow a chair, and set the two up in front of your camera. Sure, it may not look...

September 10, 2013. Chris L..
Why Video Matters

An Interview with Homebase

Homebase brings agile project management to content marketing teams. Founder Scott Voigt was kind enough to answer a few questions about their video strategy, their use of the Wistia Player API, and...

August 20, 2013. Alyce.

Getting Started with Video Testimonials

Video is a great way to tell your business's story. However, being too self-promotional usually feels tacky and lacks credibility. You’ve probably found yourself turned off before by a company that was...

March 5, 2013. Alyce.
Why Video Matters

Clear.md's Mobile Studio Kits

Minneapolis-based healthcare startup  Using Web Video to Disseminate Medical Advice Studies show that patients retain approximately 20% of what their doctor tells them during an office visit....

September 25, 2012. Alyce.