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Account Settings

Opening Your Account Settings

Most of the important settings for your Wistia Account are housed in the Account Settings. Many of the tips below require you to open the Account Settings as well.

To access your Account Settings, you will need to be logged in as the Account Owner. Once you're logged in as the Account Owner, find the Account drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner. Next, select the Settings option seen here:

That will bring you straight to the Overview section of your Account Settings. Hooray!

Uploading Your Logo

From the Settings, choose the Account tab on the right. In there, you will see your current account logo (it's the Wistia logo by default) and have the option to upload a new one. Your logo will be displayed on the upper left of every page in your account area, and on your public video pages.

If you'd like to place your logo below an embedded video, check out the Social Bar section in Customize.

Filtering Out Internal Stats

Want to make sure you're not skewing the stats during testing? Good news! You can filter out your own viewing activity (and the viewing activity of anyone else on your team) from your Wistia stats based on IP address.

In Settings, click the Account tab on the right - this contains an IP filtering section where you can enter comma-separated IP addresses. You can find your IP address by searching for "ip" in Google. Google will tell you what yours is at the top of the search results.


Activating IP filtering will not remove any historical data – it will, however, keep your activity from getting tracked in the stats going forward.

Change the Subdomain (URL) of your Wistia Account

By default, your account URL is based on the domain of your email address. To change your Wistia account URL, you must be logged in as the account owner. Click the Account tab in Settings, and scroll down to find the Wistia URL section shown here:

In the section labeled "Wistia Subdomain", you will see a text box showing the current URL of your Wistia account (in the case of the above picture, Type the name you wish to use instead in the text box (only letters, numbers, and hyphens) and press Update Account Settings at the bottom to save your changes.


Once you change the URL for your account, all previous links referenced by will no longer work.

Set a custom domain (CNAME)

If you have your own domain name, re-naming your Wistia account is no problem.

  • First, you will need to select a subdomain for your account (ie.
  • Next, have the CNAME for that subdomain point to:
  • Then, make sure to add the CNAME under the Wistia URL heading, as found in the Account tab of your Account Settings.

Once that is set up, the CNAME gets propagated (which can take a couple hours, so grab some coffee or a good book). To test if it is complete: open the Account tab in your Settings, change the "Address" to CNAME, and enter your new hostname.

Once you save, everything should be switched over for you, and you are now rocking a custom URL!


CNAMEing your domain won't change the name in the embed codes. As such, Any links previously shared or videos embedded from your account will still operate as normal. Our system isn't designed for customizable embed hosts. This will merely change the address where you/viewers can see your Wistia account videos.

Monthly Usage

To see the storage and bandwidth usage on your account, you must be logged in as the Account Owner. Select the Usage tab in your Account Settings.

This will show you how much bandwidth you have used, along with your current account limits. If you have a storage limit on your account, that will be displayed as well.

Billing Statements

To see billing statements, you must be logged in as the account owner. Click the "Billing" tab in your Account Settings. This will display a complete history of the payment activity on your account.

Updating your Credit Card

To update your credit card, you must be the Account Owner. Once logged in, head to your Account Settings and select the "Billing" tab on the right. On your billing page, you will see a form to enter your credit card information.

After updating your credit card, you can check to make sure that your recent payments went through successfully by looking at the Billing Statements section.

Adding & Removing Managers

From your Account Settings, click the "Managers" tab on the sidebar. To add a manager, enter the new manager's email address into the text box and click ADD AS MANAGER.

To remove existing managers, click Remove next to their email address in the Current Managers list.

API Access

An API token and password can be used for interacting with the Wistia APIs, and for setting up 3rd party integrations (like Pardot and HubSpot).

To access those credentials for your account, select the API tab From your Account Settings.

Transferring Ownership of Your Account

If you need to set someone else up as the owner of your account, the first step is to add them as a manager.

Once the new owner is a manager (or maybe they already were, you are so sneaky efficient!), select the Account tab in your Account Settings.

Select the new owner from the Account Owner menu, and then UPDATE ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Ownership will be transferred immediately.

Changing the Email Address Associated With Your User Account

If you would like to change the email address associated with your user account, it's actually super easy! Click the Personal tab in Settings sidebar.

From there you can very easily change the email that you use to log in to Wistia and receive notifications to!