Schools & Students Privacy Policy Addendum

The following Privacy Policy Addendum (the “Addendum”) sets forth information regarding Wistia’s use of the Personal Information of students under the age of 16 (each a “Student,” and collectively, “Students”) collected while providing the Services to public schools, charter schools, private schools, and other natural persons (including teachers) and entities providing educational or tutoring services (collectively, “Schools” and each individually, “School”). Although Wistia primarily provides the Services to businesses for commercial uses, at times Schools rely on the Services to provide educational or tutoring services to Students. By using the Services, each School and Student acknowledges that they accept the practices and policies described in the Privacy Policy and this Addendum, and they hereby consent to our collection, use, and sharing of Personal Information in the following ways.

I. Relationship Between the Privacy Policy and this Addendum

This Addendum provides information specifically about our collection, use and sharing of Students’ Personal Information obtained as part of providing Services to Schools. It supplements the information provided in our Privacy Policy, which describes Wistia’s practices that apply generally to all Personal Information from Customers and users, including Schools and Students. Students and Schools should consult this Addendum and the Privacy Policy for an explanation of our collection, use and sharing of Students’ Personal Information. Where this Addendum is silent on Wistia’s practices concerning Personal Information (e.g., how long Wistia retains a Student’s Personal Information, Wistia’s services differences, Wistia’s information security practices, a Student’s failure to provide Personal Information, etc.), Students and Schools should consult the Privacy Policy. Where there is a conflict between the information provided in this Addendum and the information provided in the Privacy Policy, the terms of this Addendum shall govern. Terms undefined in this Addendum shall have the meanings provided in the Privacy Policy.

II. What Personal Information Does Wistia Collect About Students?

Wistia limits the type of Personal Information and the amount of Personal Information we collectfrom Students to what is necessary to fulfill the purposes identified in this Addendum.

A. Information Provided By Students

When Students create an account with us, we require them to provide their names, email addresses, and passwords.

B. Information Collected Automatically

Whenever Students interact with any of our Websites or Media, we automatically receive and record information on our server logs from their browser including data related to Media 111195\15569888.v1 viewing, listening to, or accessing (including when Students stop and start Media and how many times Students watched, listened to, or accessed particular Media), data related to use of Services, IP address, “cookie” information, and the pages Students request. Cookies may be used to recognize your browser or mobile device and tell us how and when pages in our Website are visited and used and by how many people. Please see Section II.B of the Privacy Policy for more information about cookies and information collected automatically.