Become a Wistia Agency Partner

Grow your agency by providing video services to your clients.

Increase client revenue

Video services are a great way to help increase the size of your client retainer. The best part? The more you can show clients the success of their videos, the more video they’ll want to create with you.

Boost results

A good video strategy engages your audience, converts more leads, and closes more sales. With Wistia, you’ll be able to give clients ad-free, SEO-ready, fully customized videos that can integrate into their larger campaigns.
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Prove that ROI

Show your clients the success of their videos with our incredibly detailed viewer analytics. Easily prove your client’s investment in video, and use data to develop their future strategy.

Who are we?

Join over 500 partners, 500,000+ Wistia users, 100 Wistia employees, and 1 cuddly labradoodle.
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What you get

Below you’ll see a list of some benefits of the program. If you’re looking for a full breakdown of the program and its benefits, check out this handy PDF.


You’ll get access to video marketing, sales, and Wistia training to get you up and running to make video for your clients.

Direct support

As a Wistia Agency Partner you have a direct line to our awesome support team for any questions you or your clients might have.

Partner tiers

Check out the benefits. Unlock more resources and co-marketing opportunities with every client you bring in. Wistia doesn’t offer commission, but we’re committed to adding value in other ways.

Partner directory

Our Agency Partners have access to our internal directory of partners and videographers to help you connect and work with one another.

Sales enablement

With our co-branded materials, we’ve got your back when it comes to making the case for video. Turn leads into clients.


Keep track of your clients with our custom Agency Dashboard. Monitor every client with just a glance.


Share your experiences, successes, failures, and innovations with other agencies in the Wistia Community.

Pricing & packaging

We can help you price your video services, so you can turn one-off projects into client retainers.

Never stop learning

We’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest in video and Wistia news.
“Wistia helped to demystify video for us. It’s not a scary thing anymore. Video can be easy, video can be fast, video can be inexpensive, and video can be all these things while effective. You don’t need to be a professional videographer to create professional videos that are going to create leads and make people happy.”
Gabriel Marguglio, CEO, Nextiny
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What special benefits do I get as a Wistia Agency Partner?

When you sign up to join, you’ll get access to agency resources, training, a community and more to help you become a better video marketer and successfully market and sell video services.

Do I have to have a Wistia account?

Yes; all Agency Partners must have a Pro or Advanced Wistia account. We like our agency partners to know how the platform works, to understand what your clients might need, and to be your own best case study.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for one now!

What kind of a commitment does the program involve?

The main thing we ask from you is a commitment to building your expertise about video marketing. There’s no exclusivity or financial obligation to Wistia, other than paying for your Wistia account.

What kind of compensation will I get for bringing clients to Wistia?

As you bring clients to Wistia, you’ll be able to level up in the Wistia Agency Tiers. Each tier will recognize and reward the agencies that are doing excellent video marketing and bringing clients to Wistia. We won’t be offering a commission, but we’re committed to adding value in other ways.

Will I have access to special product features or settings?

For the time being, no. But we’ll be looking to our top agency partners for guidance on how the product and feature set should change over time.

Will I be able to get affiliate credit for referrals to Wistia, or resell Wistia without any Wistia branding on it?

This is not an affiliate program, so we only support agencies that resell Wistia and are actively doing video work for their clients. We want your clients to have full access to our Customer Happiness and Support resources, so we’re not allowing Wistia to be white-labeled.