Agency Tier Program

Wistia Agency Partners are pretty incredible. That’s why we love to celebrate the ones doing extraordinary work! Wistia’s Agency Tier program recognizes the top agencies that are both doing outstanding video work for their clients and bringing those clients to Wistia.

We look at a combination of criteria when placing agencies into tiers, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and account activity. Each tier provides those top agencies with benefits that help them market, sell and deliver video even better than before.

Partner Tier Benefits

  • New partner

    Complete orientation with Wistia account

    Market video

    • Co-branded videos + guides
    • Stock photos
    • Video marketing training

    Sell video

    • Comparative data between Wistia, YouTube and Vimeo
    • Case studies
    • Direct access to Wistia Sales

    Deliver video

    • Marketing and selling video services training
    • Agency community
    • Internal agency directory
  • Bronze

    $200active MRR

    Market video

    • Wistia Bronze Agency badge
    • Listing on Wistia site

    Sell video

    • Dedicated Wistia Sales Coach

    Deliver video

    • Eligibility to host AMA in Wistia Community
  • Silver

    $400active MRR

    Market video

    • Wistia Silver Agency badge
    • Listing on Wistia site

    Sell video

    • Eligibility for publishing a Customer Success Story

    Deliver video

    • Invitation to Wistia beta group
  • Gold

    $1000active MRR

    Market video

    • Wistia Gold Agency badge
    • Listing on Wistia site

    Sell video

    • Eligibility to create joint sales resources

    Deliver video

    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Platinum

    $3000active MRR

    Market video

    • Wistia Platinum Agency badge
    • Listing on Wistia site

    Sell video

    • Eligibility for creating co-branded resources
    • Custom enablement and training opportunities

    Deliver video

    • Eligibility for Wistia speaker at partner event
    • Eligibility for social amplification

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Bronze Partners

How the program works

Getting credit for your clients

  • Be a manager on each client's Wistia account
  • Have the domain of your agency in the manager's email address (

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the amount that your client pays each month for their Wistia account. If the client purchased a full year subscription, we devide that total by 12 (months) to get their MRR.

Active MRR is the monthly recurring revenue from the clients that your agency is actively managing. We look at the manager's activity within each client's Wistia account to determine which agencies are consistently doing great video work for their clients.

Quarterly Sales looks at the new clients and MRR that your agency has brought to Wistia in the last quarter.

Your agency's own Wistia account counts toward your MRR. Hooray!

Tiers and calculations

  • Tiers are calculated quarterly.
  • Your agency will be sent an email notification at the beginning of each quarter of your current tier status, your MRR breakdown, and the client accounts that you are associated with.

Interested in becoming a Wistia Agency Partner?

We’re ready and excited to take great care of your agency and your clients, but we can’t get started without you.