The 2014 Rap-Up


Thanks for an incredible 2014!

We reflected on overcoming our video fears and scrappy video beginnings.
Chris Lavigne took a stance on microphone selection.
HTML5 took over as the default Wistia player. See ya later, Flash!
Our Top Hat Tuesday video series came to an end, and we wrote about why it wasn't meant to be.
Brendan gave us all the best Valentine's Day gift ever: a tool for stripping pesky UTM codes from URLs.
We talked about choosing music for your videos and gave away three free tracks (still available for download!)
Designer Danielle joined the team!
Ezra pondered the pros and cons of embedding video in email.
James started his career as a vocalist with the announcement of new video organization tools in Wistia.
We took a brief break from video with some tips for editing written content.
We launched the Wistia Community!
We interviewed some in-house business videographers about the experience of working together with a team.
Chris drew the line between product-based and mission-based marketing.
We did some serious local exploring in Cambridge and Somerville and listed our favorite spots.
Olivier joined the Customer Happiness team!
Some awesome sign-painters visited the office and made our doors look special.
We held our very first WistiaFest! Attendees did a great job documenting the occasion - not that we expected any less!
Elise and Dave walked through some techniques for making your first video in under two hours.
Ezra wrote about how YouTube should fit into your video strategy.
Jonathan joined the engineering team!
We launched our first Wistia guide: the guide to audience retention!
Chris L. wrote about his disdain for "ducking" and how to get your background music volume right.
Chris outlined three levels of video strategy and goals.
Meryl joined the team and introduced us to some of her favorite video shot sequences!
Shortly after Casey joined the team, Google made some changes to video snippets, and he helped us all understand WTF was going on.
Ryan joined the engineering team, performed some magic, and suddenly, Turnstile was able to collect names as well as email addresses.
We talked to the Mexican Cooking Network about the super cool interactive shopping experience they've built on top of the Wistia player.
Moz's Rand Fishkin let you ask him anything in the Community.
#videowkd, the casual weekend video project, kicked off!
Danielle shared her tips for editing videos in iMovie.
Meryl and Chris L. taught us about shooting stable video footage.
The Wistia mobile experience got a serious makeover.
Mat joined the Customer Happiness team!
So did Sarah-Mei!
And Trevor joined the video team. We had a lucky September!
We got excited about the new camera features on the iPhone 6/iOS8.
Casey got technical and explained the code behind our fullscreen video homepage.
The Wistia Free Plan got more free, and we shot a video in a roller rink to celebrate.
Wistia processing speeds got better.
Meryl took a behind-the-scenes look at how ModCloth uses video to build a satisfied customer community.
We released a guide to 8 video metrics and what they're really telling you.
Speaking of guides, we also released a guide to recording audio for business video.
Our embedding documentation got a sleek revamp with some new videos.
We celebrated our favorite tiny lil camera during GoPro Week, and you posted your own awesome GoPro footage.
We talked to BigCommerce, Yashi, and TrackBat about how they've created addictive video series.
Beth joined the engineering team!
Meryl outlined five common thumbnail mistakes and how to fix them.
The Wistia status page got an update, with lots of pretty new graphs.
Ezra wrote a cautionary tale about the dangers of data-driven marketing.
We took our relationship with email a bit deeper with a new guide and three free video-centric email templates.
Meryl shared five more shot sequences to add variety to your videos.
User researcher Molly joined the team!
The design team built a geodesic styrodome in the office. The first attempt definitely didn't collapse.

Happy holidays, we hope you had a great year! Did you make a year-end video of your own? Share it in the community!

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