Sit Down, Shut Up: 6 Videos That Let The Music Do The Talking

There are a lot of ways that music can drive the mood of a video from the background, but what about when you're only using music without any other audio? Getting your audio perfect can be difficult, so in some cases, letting the music do the talking can be a good choice. Plus it's fun to challenge yourself to tell a story without words (like in the Zendesk video we posted a little while ago).

Check out the sweet videos below and share your favorite videos with just music in the comments!

29 Ways To Stay Creative

We were tipped off to this great video by iDoneThis, who make a cool app for keeping track of what you've gotten done each day. The music really stands out here and shifts the tone of the video without needing to make any other major changes, visually or in the audio. Alongside simple, clean visuals, powerful music gives this video a major power-up.

London Fashion Week: Louise Goldin

This video produced by Form Films was intended to make make sure that a client's sponsorship of designer Louise Goldin achieved maximum visibility and hence ROI. Inspired by Fantasia, they created this stop-motion video driven by music. The musical selection gives the video just the right dose of future and matches well with the video's action.


A good example of powerful music bringing something special to an otherwise dry video (sorry, but showing the internals of an app will always be a bit dry, regardless of what the app is!). The classical musical selection here makes using Ducksboard feel not only exciting but straight up epic.


Much like the Ducksboard video, Goodsie's video uses music to make a video that's basically a tour of their app feel more fun. This time, the poppy, upbeat music with a female vocal adds an element of emotion to the video - and who's to say personalizing your online shop can't be a bit of an emotional experience?

REP Interactive Demo Reel

The video producers over at REP Interactive used a track by Bassnectar to drive their demo reel, creating a sense of innovation and excitement while showcasing their work and tying it all together. Music is a great way to link content that might otherwise feel disjointed.


The Ratatat track in this Flavors.me video may be familiar to many, and using a familiar track can be risky. In this case, we think it works really well.

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