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Flicker Filmworks & Everything Butt Art

50 Grove, our listing of awesome content producers, could probably brag about a few different functions, but regardless of what else you might peruse the database for, there's always one main goal: making connections between video producers and people who need great videos, whatever the budget. We're always super excited to hear about companies that have successfully connected using 50 Grove; that means we're doing something right! In our 50 Grove Connections series, we'll be sharing stories about 50 Grove doing what it's meant to do: building relationships between companies that are meant to be together. In today's rendition, we'll be talking about Everything Butt Art and Flicker Filmworks.

Everything Butt Art is built around a silly concept: butts. But there's more to it than just butts. Everything Butt Art starts with a butt shape to foster creativity, offering an iPad app for children to draw images that all start from a butt image that they can share anywhere from their own personal online profiles to the Everything Butt Art public gallery. The site is built around the principles from the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, which measures creativity by presenting participants with an incomplete line drawing. Butts are just a silly way to start the engagement process; what it's really about, underneath all the butts, is the importance of creativity for children and adults alike.

Flicker Filmworks is a full-service production company run by Emmy award-winning editors and Emmy-nominated producers Laura deNey and Mustafa Bhagat in New York. They've worked with a lot of big names on a wide range of products -- "We've done it all," boasts their 50 Grove profile (and that's no exaggeration, with names like The History Channel, National Geographic, and Mike Myers gracing their resumé).  When Everything Butt Art needed a video for their website, they found Flickr Filmworks through 50 Grove, and they give their experience with Flicker Filmworks a "big fat 5" (out of 5).

When Brian of Everything Butt Art contacted Flicker Filmworks, things moved quickly:

  • August 2: Initial contact and response within about two hours. A follow-up call happened the same day.
  • August 3: Proposal received.
  • August 11: They shot the video just 9 days after the initial inquiry. The price tag turned out to be $300 less than was originally quoted: Flicker Filmworks said to budget $500 for the music track, but it turned out that they were able to secure it for $200.

Before reaching out to the producers, Everything Butt Art had drafted an outline of the script, and while that was used as the basis for the video, they spent time talking through it and making changes. "FF did 100% of the shooting, editing, and finishing. They always delivered ahead of our agreed-upon deadlines -- excelled at under-promising and over-delivering." Would Everything Butt Art recommend Flicker Filmworks to others? "Absolutely, 100%," says Brian. "This was my first time doing this type of project. Flicker Filmworks made the process very comfortable and were able to answer my amateur questions. They were friendly, professional, flexible, creative, and collaborative. A pleasure to work with."

To keep up with the antics of Everything Butt Art, you can follow them on Twitter at @buttart. Who doesn't want a name like that on their follow list? For more information and video examples from Flicker Filmworks, you can check out their 50 Grove page or their website.

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