A Tale of Two Prospects

If you've never used video as a part of your sales process it can seem overwhelming. Many people have asked us to simplify the explanation, we figured there was no simpler way to describe it other than turning it into a nursery rhyme.

Once upon a time there were two prospects, Jack and Jill. Every morning, Jack and Jill would run by Humpty Dumpty's brick laying business. The duo would glance over during their runs but when Humpty would call out to them, they would point towards their destination, the top of a local hill. Even though they seemed interested in Humpty's brick laying, Humpty could never get them to pay attention.

Then, Humpty remembered his video. Humpty sent emails inviting Jack and Jill to view a video in his Wistia account documenting his past successes and his impressive trowel work. Within a couple hours, email alerts from Wistia arrived telling him that both Jack and Jill had viewed the video.

By glancing at the statistics in his account, Humpty saw that Jack had watched only a small portion of the video, while Jill had watched the whole thing. In fact, Jill had watched several parts of the video more than once!

Video Heatmaps

The next time Humpty saw Jill, he yelled out to her, this time offering to show her some of his recent masonry work in person. His persistence paid off. Jill was happy to divert her run once she knew what Humpty was yelling about.

Humpty found out which half of the duo he should be selling to and Jill signed a deal to lay the foundation of her new house with Humpty's business. Everybody won.

To try the video heatmaps Humpty was looking at, click here.

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