Bare: A playlist in disguise

Is it a non-playlist? Or could it be... a playlist?!

Our new Bare theme for Wistia playlists is a bit shy. Or maybe it's a bit subtle. Either way, it's not too eager to display the fact that it's a playlist. What does this achieve that one long video can't?

Why did we make a playlist that doesn't look like a playlist?

  • You can force people to watch a series of videos you've made in a prescribed order.
  • You can rotate parts of the content in-and-out -- without re-embedding the video.
  • When users load a long video, it can be discouraging -- using a playlist instead and breaking up long content can keep viewers hooked.
  • You can collect emails after the first video in the playlist with Turnstile.
  • You can easily manage pre-roll/post-roll videos without having to re-embed anything.

More on the new Wistia playlists!

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