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Featured : Company News

Introducing the Wistia-Intercom Integration

With the Wistia-Intercom integration, you’ll be able to communicate better with your customers, in addition to gaining insights into what's important to them.
by Margot Mazur - March 6, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Partnering with a Purpose: How We Supported WBUR & Reddit’s First Podcast

The story behind how our supporting partnership with Endless Thread, a brand new podcast from WBUR and Reddit, came together.
by Jordan Wellin - January 16, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Farewell to the 'Fest: Why We're Ending Our Annual Conference

Saying farewell to WistiaFest was a super hard decision to make, but we're looking forward to a future full of opportunities to gather and learn.
by Chris Savage - January 8, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

The 2017 Wistia Rap-Up

Grab a box of Kleenex and a bottle of champagne, and get ready to relive the greatest Wistia moments from 2017.
by Jordan Wellin - December 20, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

Planning Your Next Company Retreat: Tips from Our Office Manager

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all with your team. But what goes into planning a successful company retreat? Let our Office Manager show you the ropes.
by Jordan Wellin - October 31, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

How We Created a Family Leave Policy That Prioritizes Our Employees

A behind-the-scenes look at how we built a family leave policy that gives our teammates the time and flexibility to be better parents.
by Jordan Wellin - September 27, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

Announcing the Winners of the #getonyoursoapbox Contest!

We put out a call to see who could create the most creative Soapbox videos, and you responded in spades. Here are the winners of the #getonyoursoapbox contest in...
by Phil Nottingham - August 25, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

Storytelling Night at Wistia: Fostering a Culture of Growth, Community, and Inclusivity

How hosting a Storytelling Night created a safe, inclusive environment for teammates at Wistia to share their personal stories of growth, and ultimately feel more...
by Jordan Wellin - August 22, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

Improve Your Wistia Workflows: 6 Integrations for You to Try On

Collaborate seamlessly during the production process, gain actionable information from your videos, save precious time with automation, and more! Each of these 6...
by Margot Mazur - July 24, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

The #getonyoursoapbox Contest is Here!

We want to encourage everyone to experiment with Soapbox, and we'll be giving away some pretty fantastic prizes over the coming month to reward the most creative...
by Jordan Wellin - July 17, 2017 -
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