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Featured : Company News

Provide Better Customer Support with Wistia for Zendesk

With the click of a button, support reps can access their Wistia videos and add them to responses. This integration is available to Wistia and Zendesk users on...
by Naike Romain - May 8, 2017 -
Featured : Company News

The 2016 Wistia Rap-Up

2016 brought with it a second office building, a bunch of talented new teammates, a collection of game-changing product developments, and a new dog park across...
by Meryl Ayres - December 21, 2016 -
Featured : Company News

Creating and Learning from Our WistiaFest Code of Conduct

We will be implementing this code before all of our events moving forward, and we'd suggest you do the same! If we communicate to potential attendees that we...
by Danielle Bushrow - September 22, 2016 -
Featured : Company News

Innovation is a Habit, Not a "Eureka!" Moment

Innovation isn't just a shower idea that comes out fully-formed. To innovate and create great products like Gmail, companies have to ruthlessly focus their...
by Kristen Craft - September 13, 2016 -

How Startups Move from Pioneering to City Planning

Company News - August 12, 2016 - - Chris Savage

Announcing the Winners of StartPup

Company News - August 8, 2016 - - Meryl Ayres

Our Community is Moving to Slack!

Company News - July 15, 2016 - - Chris Savage

360 Video Is More Like Theater Than Film

Company News - July 12, 2016 - - Phil Nottingham
Featured : Company News

How Wistia Grows by Taking the Time to Coast

If my co-founder Brendan and I had been behind the wheel of a VC-backed startup, I'm convinced it would have gone one of two ways. We would have been replaced in...
by Chris Savage - June 30, 2016 -

Step Away from the Screen: The Value of Meeting Customers in Person

Company News - June 9, 2016 - - Margot da Cunha
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