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Featured : Product Updates

Hold the Line: Wistia for Your iPhone is Here

We know you're busy. You've got places to be, people to meet, and video to capture and share. That's why we built our first ever mobile app for iOS. Now you can...
by Meryl Ayres - March 10, 2017 -
Featured : Product Updates

February Product Update: Wistia for Chrome, Retina Thumbnails, and the New Drip Integration

Buckle your seat belts, because our first 2017 product update is greased lightning. If you use Gmail, now it's easier than ever to share video thumbnails in your...
by Thad Peterson - February 1, 2017 -
Featured : Product Updates

December Product Update: Zendesk, ConvertKit, and One-Click Stats

2016 may be winding down, but the product improvements keep on coming. Here's your December product update.
by Thad Peterson - November 30, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

Brand New Customize Tools: Chapters and Password

We're excited to announce that you can add chapters to your videos to give your viewers more control, or require a password on your Wistia videos to restrict access.
by Naike Romain - November 1, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

October Product Update: Faster and More Flexible

It's harvest season in these parts, and we've got a hearty crop of product updates for you in October. Our team is continually looking for ways to improve the...
by Thad Peterson - October 3, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

The Jerky Playbar

I'm extremely proud of what we created, particularly the visual and interactive design of the player and all the microscopic little touches. But there was one...
by Brendan Schwartz - September 20, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

September Product Update: Chaptering Goes into Beta and More

Starting this month, we're bringing those updates to the blog, to make it easy for our entire audience to stay up-to-date on the ways our product changes each...
by Naike Romain - September 8, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

Announcing Vulcan: Our Redesigned Video Player that Puts Your Viewers First

We realize that every interaction with your brand contributes to how your audience perceives you. That's why we’re really excited to announce Vulcan, the brand...
by Naike Romain - June 14, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

Wistia for Salesforce: The Complete Video Toolkit for Your Sales Team

Today, we're announcing our integration with Salesforce as our first step towards turning video into more than just a marketing asset. We built Wistia for...
by Naike Romain - June 1, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

New Stats Are Here: Our Video Analytics Get a Major Update

At Wistia, we've been working to make it easier to determine whether you’re reaching the right people, keeping those viewers engaged, and turning those viewers...
by Naike Romain - January 14, 2016 -
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