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Your Videos Should Have Captions—Here's Why

Keep your content relevant, accessible, and compliant by adding captions to your videos. Don't make accessibility an afterthought!
by Jenny Mudarri - January 30, 2018 -
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Why Real Estate Agents are Using Presentation Videos

For real estate agents, there’s nothing more important than making and maintaining a strong relationship with a client. Learn how these agents are using video to...
by Dan Mills - January 26, 2018 -
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How to Remove Black Bars from Your Video

Find out why black bars appear and how to troubleshoot your video embeds in order to eliminate them.
by Trevor Holmes - January 24, 2018 -
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Wistia vs. YouTube: What's the Difference?

What's the point of paying for a video marketing platform like Wistia when YouTube is free? Find out the key differences between the two platforms in this post.
by Phil Nottingham - January 21, 2018 -
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Before You Make a Facebook Teaser Video, Consider This

Here's everything we learned about making teaser videos for Facebook, including what to avoid and tips for moving forward with a strategy that really works.
by Jenny Mudarri - January 3, 2018 -
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How to Create a Winning Video Testimonial Strategy

Persuading viewers in a short period of time that your product is the bee's knees is no easy feat, but with video testimonials, anything is possible.
by Jenny Mudarri - December 14, 2017 -
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3 Types of Videos Your Sales Team Needs

Add video into your sales process and bring the human touch back into your outreach efforts. Start experimenting with sales videos today!
by Jenny Mudarri - December 5, 2017 -
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How Resilient Coders Uses Soapbox to Create Video Cover Letters—and Hack the Opportunity Gap

Thanks to Soapbox video cover letters, Resilient Coders is helping to change the narrative when it comes to bias in the recruiting and hiring worlds.
by Jordan Wellin - November 28, 2017 -
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Spread Holiday Cheer with These 3 Templates for Soapbox Videos

The best way to spread holiday cheer is making a Soapbox video for all to see and hear!
by Jordan Wellin - November 16, 2017 -
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How Compelling Copy Can Transform a Call to Action

With the right balance of direct language and visual information, you can create CTAs that compel people to act—and make them excited to do so!
by Jenny Mudarri - November 7, 2017 -
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