Constructive Criticism Corner: Stickermule

You can learn a lot about your videos from poring over your analytics and seeing where people are dropping off, what they're rewatching, and whether they're clicking play at all. But numbers will never quite be able to fully gauge the human response to your videos. That's why we started the Constructive Criticism Corner series here on the blog: to offer up that qualitative feedback that might otherwise be hard to come by. Hopefully everyone else can learn from these posts, too!

Stickermule, based in New York, offers easy online ordering and a speedy turnaround for custom stickers. You can follow them on Twitter at @stickermule. Their first video, which they kindly let us publish this critique of, appears both on their front page and in a blog post about how to order custom stickers.

Here's the video:

What we liked

The video was clear and fun, and the simple explanation made Stickermule's process "100% not intimidating," in Chris L.'s words. Everyone agreed that the pacing was solid. Chris L. loved the feel of the "cold open, followed by that opening guitar strum."

Chris S. commented, "I like that they made a video specifically to walk through their ordering process. This isn't the most obvious video to make." We usually advise people getting started with video to start by addressing a specific question or friction point, rather than trying to condense their whole company message into a video.

Constructive critique

Add a human element

While Chris L. wouldn't suggest adding a human face unless the shot could compare to the production quality of the rest of the video, most everyone agreed the video could use a touch of humanity. Adding a voiceover could help, and, as Ben put it, "make the whole thing feel more warm." Meanwhile, Joe and Jordan put in their votes for a mule costume somewhere down the road.

Music: the right tone, but needs more variety

The music was close to being the right choice, but got repetitive around 0:49. Chris L. suggested trying slightly different songs, all related but different thematically, for each section. Jordan thought that "finding a part of the current song that has a bridge or outro to guide little flow changes would be awesome."

Tighten some areas, expand others

While we the pacing got lots of compliments, some little tweaks could elevate it from great to perfect. Elise suggested focusing more on aspects of the process that are unique to Stickermule's business and going over the more intuitive steps a bit more quickly.

Slow down the transition slides

Kristen commented that the transition slides moved a bit too quickly for how wordy they are. This could be addressed by either showing them for a bit longer or cutting down the copy.

Add context on the page

"It's unclear on the front page what the video is about," Ezra commented. This could be solve by adding text on the thumbnail or near the video, such as "See how it works" or "Watch how easy it is." He also thought it would be interesting to see how the video would perform as a silent autoplay.

What do you think?

What did you like about this video? What do you think could have been improved?

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