What Do You Want to Learn from Wistia?


We spend a lot of time here thinking about and crafting content and events. Mostly, we do it for the fame and the Hollywood swagger—but underneath all of our sinister motives, we also do it for you. Big things are on the way at Wistia; we're working on some updates to the blog and Learning Center, and you'll be seeing more events (and better ways to keep track of them) from us soon.

We're super lucky to have people willing to provide us with feedback all the time, whether it's via email, blog comments, social media, or in person. We want to know what inspires and empowers our audience, but analytics can only get us so far: they show us some reactions to what we've already done, but they say nothing about what you wish we would do. We want to know what content piques your interest, as well as which events you'd like to attend!

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