New APIs and a New Home for Developers

The Internet can be a big, scary, scattered place. It can bring us together, but it can also make us feel more alone. There's nothing worse than working on a problem in isolation, and there's nothing better than subsequently realizing that others are dealing with exactly what you're dealing with. That's why we've added a new home base for developers on the Wistia website.

We've always had powerful APIs, but we thought it was time to give them, and the people who work with them, a space of their own, neatly together in one place. Wistia is meant to be easy to use for everyone, but we're also developer-heavy, and we wanted to make sure that was evident to everyone.

Here's a list of the APIs that are available (* = new addition!):

  • Player API
  • Upload API*
  • Data API
  • Playlist API
  • Stats API*
  • Embed API

In the developer center, you can find documentation for the Wistia APIs as well as a Developer Forum where you can talk about and work on problems together. If you don't have a team of developers at your disposal, you probably can't use this right away, but we want to build a community of people who are building and sharing -- both ourselves and others in the community -- so that more and more awesome  ways to use Wistia are available to all.

Wondering how to pull off the good/great tricks in the video above? Look no further, we've got the code for you right here in the Demo Bin.

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