Does Video Belong on a Pricing Page?

We’ve all seen those customer testimonials buried on pricing pages, but what about putting a video front and center? Would a video be a distraction to people who just want to see the plans in simple grid-like fashion, or would it help explain the plans (and give viewers the sense that we’re a friendly bunch of goons)? We decided to find out.

A pricing page without video

This should come as no surprise, but we really really really love video. Not only is it more fun to watch a video than it is to read text, but we believe that video is much more effective at creating a personal connection while explaining a product/company/service to visitors. We use video all over the place on our site and blog, but we had never given any video love to our pricing page. And it showed.

There were still folks that got tripped up on what goes into our pricing, with a lot of questions around how bandwidth works and the difference between our plans (hint: only this mysterious bandwidth!). And to top that off, we were about to automate our bandwidth billing! We feared that if our customers were still confused over our pricing and they started getting charged for bandwidth overages, they would become sad pandas. And we don’t like sadness.

Redesigning the pricing page

We put our two customer happiness folks (Jeff and myself) behind the camera and let them work their magic. The results? A couple of videos that de-mystify video bandwidth consumption and any residual questions regarding our pricing plans.

Re-designing the pricing page to account for a video (let alone two) posed a challenge in itself, but our design guru Joe did a fantastic job of keeping the simple and logical flow intact. Now that the videos were comfortable in their new homes, we let them run for a few weeks and came back to look at the analytics.

Results: video increased conversions!

So how’d they do? It didn’t take long for us to see that the two videos helped explain pricing/bandwidth a bit better. We saw a 14.9% increase in users who signed up for a free plan or trial, to be exact -- not too shabby! The videos also have a 77% engagement rate, meaning that folks are watching the content and digesting the information presented.


The main takeaway here is that adding a video to an actionable page (such as a pricing page) can have noticeable results in a short period of time. By providing visitors simple explanations to complex topics, a personal connection and level of comfort are created -- essential ingredients for a happy relationship between company and customer.

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