Embed Videos on Facebook and See How People Watch

Facebook is becoming an ever increasing part of companies' social media marketing.  Over the past couple months, we have heard from customers that they want insight as to how people are viewing their videos on Facebook in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing efforts.

As a result, we have released a new capability that allows Wistia videos to be embedded and viewed within the Facebook News Feed just like YouTube or Vimeo videos. The twist is that if you're using Wistia embeds you'll get video heatmap and audience engagement tracking.

To embed your Wistia video in Facebook:

  1. Go to the video in Wistia you wish to share and select the "Share by link" option in the green Media Actions menu
  2. Paste the link into your Facebook status and hit "Share"
  3. Watch the viewing data roll in!
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