Free Plan Launch

Okay, we know it's only been four days, but we're a pretty eager bunch and we love analytics, so we couldn't help but make a free plan launch follow up post already! We want to share some of the statistics from the launch and compare it to our last big launch of Stats 2.0. This launch was much, much better. In the Stats 2.0 launch, we tried to do a fun introduction video and follow it with a separate video with the serious content. It didn't work so well; we lost a lot of people at the transition, so this time, we mixed fun with informative content and saw much better results! Our takeaway? A great hook isn't enough, you need to keep your audience engaged.

We want to thank everyone who made this a success, you guys are the greatest! We really appreciated everyone spreading the word about the launch. We'll share even more of our learnings in due time!

A few of our favorite tweets (but we love you all!):

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