Help, Bubbles!

The SuperEmbed Builder has now been replaced/improved by the Customize update!

We've made a couple of small updates to our SuperEmbed Builder that we think will make your lives a lot easier! Read on about how we've added help bubbles and new feedback for embed codes.

Help Bubbles

Before, if you wanted help with or had a question about a a SuperEmbed feature, you had to navigate to a separate documentation page. Now, you can learn the basics on the same page where you're working on your embed -- and only need to navigate away if you want more advanced information. These help bubbles will be appearing elsewhere in the Wistia app as well as we update our interface, so keep an eye out for them! Aren't they just the cutest?

Embed Code Feedback

Previously, we had one of the aforementioned help bubbles here, but we decided that the information about embed codes was not quite enough to warrant an entire bubble. So, we replaced the help bubble here with responsive "Copy" text that actually takes action. When you click this text, it copies the full embed code, then notifies you that it was "Copied." Then, if you make any changes to your embed, the text will flash to "Updated," so you know for sure that the changes you made in the Embed Builder are also taking effect in the code (and can make sure that you've copied the most recent embed code ).

Go play with some SuperEmbeds!

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