How Animated Videos Can Make Your Product Shine

We don't talk that much about how Wistia works behind the scenes (no, not that Behind the Scenes -- the lofty, techy kind). Needless to say, it's a complicated process, and we could go super deep explaining and discussing it if we wanted to. But let's be honest: there are probably about ten people in the world who need that level of understanding, and at least five of them are employed here.

Most people just want things to work, period, without necessarily worrying about the deepest levels of how exactly it's happening. So we were faced with a challenge: how can we present the right level of information in a concise-but-fun way?

It's easy to discount animation when you're a business. After all, you're no cartoon, you want to be taken seriously. However, animation can be a great tool for presenting information in a captivating way. Animation removes a lot of the limitations that live action video has: namely, the limitations of real life (alternative remedy to this limitation: high budget special effects).

In an animated video, you can stretch analogies as far as you like (as we did with the Bakery metaphor in our video), and you can present information in a simple, fun way. In a situation like ours, where options included a screencast tour, some sort of written documentation, an infographic, or an engaging-but-informative animation, this seemed to be the clear winner.

At higher levels of complexity, perhaps another medium would have been a better fit, but in this case, an animated video seemed to be a perfect match for what we wanted to convey.

Have you seen any great animated videos lately?

(Thanks Illustrate It for the awesome video!)

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