How They Work: Help Scout

Developing great company culture isn’t all just fun and games. Here at Wistia, we’ve been working hard to create an environment that brings out the best in every member of our team. In order to keep improving our game, we’ve been visiting companies we respect to learn how they work and what makes their culture unique. We’ll be sharing everything we learn though our favorite medium (video!) in an experiment we’re calling How They Work.

For this installment, we visited Help Scout, whose small team of four is housed within the larger offices of BzzAgent in Boston. Help Scout offers the tools to help companies deliver great email support and collaborate with team members while retaining a personal touch.

Help Scout is very new, but their small team is already thinking about company culture in a long-term way. They're not just sharing space with BzzAgent because it's cheap -- it's also about people and collaboration, and there are benefits for everyone involved in the relationship. The smaller company is pushed to be more productive as they work within a well-established company's space and are immersed in their process and work ethic, and the larger company is able to hold onto their startup roots and stay creative because of their time spent with the smaller companies they house.

Here are some of the awesome things Help Scout does to enhance their company culture, even early in the game:

  • Employees spend time with the people who work at both BzzAgent and the other smaller companies housed within their offices -- Help Scout certainly doesn't live in a bubble!
  • Everyone is given a $2,500 innovation allowance to spend time doing cool things outside of the office with takeaways that benefit the company
  • They believe in having all of the right tools for the job -- they have 13 displays for 4 guys!

It's clear that as Help Scout builds their company from the ground up, they already care a lot about company culture and values in a way that a lot of companies don't get after years in the game. Follow @helpscout on Twitter to see what they're up to! We hope you enjoyed this edition of "How They Work" and we'd love to hear about where you'd like to see us take the series.

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