How They Work: Viximo

Developing great company culture isn't all just fun and games. Here at Wistia, we've been working hard to create an environment that brings out the best in every member of our team. In order to keep improving our game, we've been visiting companies we respect to learn how they work and what makes their culture unique. We'll be sharing everything we learn though our favorite medium (video!) in an experiment we're calling How They Work.

To kick off the series, we visited Viximo, our neighbors in Davis Square. Viximo provides a platform for connecting game developers with social networks, and the success of their product has driven their team to grow and their culture to evolve. To learn more, we made the short trip over to Viximo to hang out with Sean Lindsay, their co-founder and CTO (@rseanlindsay)

Here are a few of the small details that make Viximo's culture unique:

  • During the interview process, they ask every employee what their impact on company culture will be and they're not afraid to pass on great talent if the fit isn't right.
  • They play a ton of music in their office (although we had to turn it off for the video - d'oh!)
  • They dedicate part of their space to house other startups, which fosters a collaborative atmosphere.

We hope you liked the first installment of How They Work, and we'd love to hear your feedback. What would you like to see more of? What questions do you think we should be asking? Which companies inspire your own company culture to evolve?

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