How to make a video that creates buzz

There’s a new product intro video from Visual.ly that has the internet buzzing like a beehive. Visual.ly’s video has been up on YouTube for less than a week, but it has already gotten over 16,000 views. Twitter is full of tweets with people requesting early access to visual.ly.

But so far, the only information about visual.ly comes from this video:

I think that this video got people talking by following three steps:

1. It woke us up

The video opens by showing us astonishing statistics on the almost unimaginable amount of data our society now creates, like the number of tweets that go out in a day (140 million?!). Starting with something amazing or shocking jars people out of their complacent attitudes and gets them to pay closer attention. The crazy statistics alone might get people talking, but Visual.ly doesn’t stop there.

2. It showed us the product in a clever, cool way

The Visual.ly video accomplishes a great feat by describing the world of infographics and Visual.ly’s place in that world in simple and interesting terms. But, while straightforward, Visual.ly is also very clever. Visual.ly uses graphics within the video that make a big impression. They show the scale of the data and the connections between different ideas within the video. By the time the video even introduces infographics, the audience has already been watching and feeling the impact of data visualizations.

3. It wasn’t afraid to show us the big, idealistic picture

The end of the video left us with a big, exciting idea to ponder. The video closes with bold predictions about what people will be able to do with infographic technology in the future. Many companies would flinch away from touching on such controversial predictions in an intro video, but not Visual.ly. It looks like they understand that controversy is the root of buzz.

Visual.ly sets a good example for other companies: If you have lofty ideals, if you think that you could be part of a movement that affects our society or our world, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Even if people disagree with you, at least you’ve got them thinking about your ideas.

It’s all in the presentation

Many people have buzzworthy ideas. But most of them don’t get the attention they deserve. Why not? It’s all about how well the concepts are presented. To get people buzzing about your idea, make sure you get their attention, show them what it’s all about, and then leave them with something to discuss.

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