Stats 2.0

Identity Tagging and Us/You

We've covered the general philosophy behind Stats 2.0, but how can you harness its specific features to get the most out of video analytics? We'll be making some posts in the next few weeks to make sure you know just how to use and interpret the new stats.

When we launched the new stats, we decided to try another thing that was new for us: instead of only explaining the new feature on a feature page or in a blog post, we also added a popover video inside everyone's accounts so that no one would find themselves nose-deep in stats with no idea what was going on. We wanted to make sure it was as easy as possible for everyone to find the right resources and know what was different -- without any startling surprises -- and hopefully reduce support requests on our side.

The window had a quick (and very engaging, apparently -- 88% of people finished watching!) video introducing the new stats, then offered two options for viewers: to close the popover and explore or to visit the feature page:

Because of our new identity tagging feature, we could see that 34% of people who watched the popover video within their accounts then made it to the feature page to watch additional videos and learn more there before engaging with the new feature within their account. In an email, a 34% click-through rate would have been absurdly high. We were able to use identity tagging to see how people viewed all of the videos, and how those views related to one another, on an individual basis. We didn't see any noticeable increase in support requests with the Stats 2.0 launch -- something that we did notice when we launched SuperEmbeds, which we didn't use a popover for.

Being able to see what our viewers watched, by individual, in sequence, allowed us to make connections that would previously have been a mystery. Have you made any interesting new connections yet using Stats 2.0?

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