Indecent Exposure

Young eyes, avert your gaze; this Wistia feature is not for the naïve or faint of heart. If you're prone to curiousity, you've probably wondered what the "Stats" option in your SuperEmbed builder's Social Sharing section means. Maybe you've even experimented with checking it off.

Why would you want to share your stats? There are a couple of possibilities; maybe you're really, really into transparency (and that can be scary - what if your video doesn't perform as well as you'd hoped?). In this case, there can be a functionality to that transparency -- for longform video content in particular, sharing the statistics means that viewers can see, before watching a video, whether it's worth sticking around and which parts of the video were the most intriguing, useful, or amusing based on where other viewers rewatched. Here's a quick example of a video with the stats made public, if you're wondering what this might look like. You can also see public stats in action on SEOMoz and Mixergy's videos.

If you'd like to give public stats a try, you'll have to contact us and ask us to turn it on for your Wistia account. Then, you can add it to any player by checking of "Stats" under "Social Sharing" in the SuperEmbed Builder. Can you think of any other ways that making your analytics public could be useful?

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