Introducing Support for Office 2007 Documents

2007 Docs

Ask and you shall receive. Wistia now supports all Office 2007 documents. Documents will be converted, just as all older formats were, to a web viewable flash object that you can incorporate into your projects. As with all viewable documents you’ll be able to attach comments to specific pages or to the document as a whole.

People often ask us why we support other formats beside video. The answer is simple, being able to share different types of files makes video more valuable. You might want to make the slides available for your video presentation or provide technical specification documents to support your product overview video. The best experience, in our opinion, is to make all of these options available so that video and its supporting content can be mixed and matched depending on the situation.

We are always working on providing richer support for an increasing number of formats and file types. And don’t worry, if we haven’t gotten to the format you’re hankering for, you can still use Wistia to upload and share it.

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