It blinks!

This Monday, we made a pretty data-heavy post on video length. But for a couple of commenters, there was one major roadblock to fully immersing themselves in the actual content: in the video accompanying the post, our favorite video expert Ben did not seem to blink at all! This observation from commenter Leif made us laugh, but it also made us wonder: is Ben actually creepy, as we have suspected all along, or did Chris's editing just happen to omit Ben's eyes' natural attempts to keep themselves fresh and moist? As it turns out... this time we can mostly blame the editing. Below, a newly edited video from the shoot, wherein Ben blinks not once, not twice, but no less than twenty-five times.

Why did this warrant its own blog post? Well, the video is pretty funny. But also, making sure you blink in your talking-head videos is a small detail that can make a big difference in how the video is taken in by viewers. Commenter Shayne weighed in: "make sure you blink when you're on camera. It's a common problem. Even newsreaders, when they start out, will need script inserts to remind them to blink. Thing is, if you don't blink, you register subjectively as either a bit intense or a bit crazy." Good advice, Shayne -- and even the pros can forget when they're under camera pressure!

What other small gestures and mannerisms -- whether added or omitted -- have you found to make a big difference in your videos?

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