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Understanding Analytics

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Being able to read your analytics will help you understand how your video is performing, when it needs work, and when it's doing well so you can better understand what works with your audience.

Engagement Graphs

Engagement graphs represent how people are watching your video over time. Web video viewers tend to skip the boring stuff and re-watch the parts that are interesting or confusing, so spotting the trends in your graph can be useful.

If the graph is going down, you're losing attention. If it's flat, people are continuing to watch. If there's a bump, they're rewatching. And finally, if there's sharp drop off, you know a lot of people turned off the video quickly. We recommend watching your video alongside the engagement graph to understand what it really means.

Video Play Rate

If you can't get people to click play, then no one's going to watch your video or connect with your message. Key factors that affect play rate include thumbnail, the size of the embed, and how it's placed on the page.

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