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We just added "Wistia's Scripting Tips" to the Wistia Learning Center:

Some videos just need a script. We pretty much create a script for every video we create at Wistia, aside from testimonials and the How They Work series.

Start with a questionnaire

Before you jump into script writing, it's good to break down what your video is trying to achieve. We do that with a questionnaire that forces us to define who the audience is, what the key takeaways are, and where on the site the video will live.

You can download our questionnaire to try it out for yourself.

Use Google Docs

We use Google Docs to let multiple people collaborate and comment on fresh scripts in real time.

Keep it conversational

The best videos don't feel scripted, even if they are. Avoid marketing buzz words and heavy vocabulary; instead, keep it conversational!

Do a table read

Before you even start shooting your video, do a table read of your script. Phrases and words sound a lot better on paper, so read the script out loud to better understand the flow and message of the video. Take time to mess around with inflections and be open to finding more natural ways to word the lines. We keep the vibe at our table reads fun and light while staying attentive to the message.

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