Working with Video Producers

Reflection Films, based in Arlington, MA, is the team of Geoff Birmingham and Rachel Jellinek. They are lovers of documentary film, creators of marketing, training and fundraising videos, and embracers of social media and video. You can follow them on Twitter at @reflectionfilms.

For many folks, entering into a video production feels a bit overwhelming. They don’t exactly know how it all works and what to expect. Purchasing video production is also a bit different from purchasing other services because it usually requires client participation! In other words, if you hire an IT person, usually you tell them what you want or what problems you’re having, show them your computers, and let them get to work.

The success of a video production rests largely on the skill of the producer, but a client who understands and performs his or her role well can help make things go more smoothly. This is because most video production is very much a collaboration between producer and client. Unless a producer is literally inside the organization, few can create a video for a client entirely by themselves, working in a vacuum.

We've created a series of short videos that highlight key points in the video production process. The first tips outlined in the video below focus on containing your message to its essential elements and using a storyboard as a tool to accomplish that goal.

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