We're Moving… Non Sequitur Fridays

We work at Wistia, but we do other stuff, too. Our content strategist, Alyce, started Non Sequitur Fridays back in 2012, with two goals: showing Wistia's human side on our site and encouraging more people within the company to write.

After watching the series grow over the past few years, and learning some lessons along the way, we've decided that these gems deserve a space of their own.

Why we're moving

As our company grows, we want to make sure our blog maintains its focus, which means giving our video marketing content some breathing room. This doesn't mean losing sight of the unique experiences and stories our staff has to share.

We're excited to double down on the quality and quantity of our content on the company blog. Our hope is to better serve the people who arrive there for the first time, eager to learn all about optimizing their video marketing efforts.

While some newcomers might be surprised and delighted by a post about cold brew, we understand that others could be pretty disoriented. What does this company do again? By honing in on the focus of our blog, we're helping to better support Wistia's vision.

Remembering posts from yesteryear

Moving Non Sequitur posts to their own happy home is bittersweet—we'll miss their charming presence on the blog. To honor their legacy, let's take a look back at some highlights over the years:

  1. Language Matters
  2. The Perfect Analogy
  3. Arf? Woof ruff grrrrrraar!
  4. Now That's What I'm Taco 'Bout!
  5. The Allure of the Wilderness

What you have to look forward to

Every Friday we'll feature a new story from a fellow Wistian on nonsequiturfridays.com. From posts on competitive air guitar, to what to do with 237 teacups—our team has it covered. Keep an eye out for new posts on Facebook and Twitter by following #nonsequiturfridays!

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