User Audit Trail Reporting

Wistia's statistics and reporting just got an upgrade today. You can now create a complete audit trail for any contact in your account. And on top of that, this report is specially formatted so it can be printed or PDF'd and still look great.

User Audit Trail Report

Take a look at this example report I ran against Chris (yes, it's pretty easy to spy on each other here at Wistia).

Here's how to generate a report for one of your users:

  1. Go to a contact's page. There's a number of ways to find a contact in Wistia; the fastest (and my personal favorite) is to use the quick search box in the upper right.
  2. Click the "View all" link next to their Sessions. This will bring you to the User sessions page with a filter applied for that contact.
  3. On the sidebar, click the "Show details for these sessions" link and you'll be presented with the full, expanded audit trail for that contact.

When you print this page, a special formatting will be applied to it so it looks like a nice, clean report and not like you just printed a web page.

If you have the capability to print to a PDF, you're all set to create beautifully formatted, print-ready reports of your users.

We've heard requests for printable user reports from a few of you guys, but I want to give a special thanks to Jay from ShopWorks for the brainstorming session and iterative feedback.

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