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The Art of the Morning Snooze

This post is part of our Non Sequitur Fridays series, which will feature a different Wistia team member's take on a non-Wistia-related topic each week. It's like our "employee of the month" but less "of the month"-y. This is Brendan Schwartz's's second Non Sequitur post. His last was about a grand heist.

One of my greatest loves in life is sleeping, particularly in the morning.

It all started when I was a child. I have fond memories of being on family vacations, my mom, dad, brother, and I staying at some cheap roadside motel on our way to visit my grandparents in Virginia. My parents are up early and open the blinds. The morning light begins to warm the room, and I open my eyes just long enough to glimpse the dust particles floating in the sun beams. My dad's taking a shower while my mom is blow-drying her hair. My brother is perched on the end of the bed watching cartoons.

Now that the other half of the bed is no longer occupied, I spread out under the cool, cotton sheets with a content smile on my face. The sounds of traffic creeping in from the gap under the door confirm that everyone in the world is awake, starting their day, and I am still in bed falling in and out of sleep. This is pure bliss.

Ever since my childhood, I've been in pursuit of perfect slumber. Here are my tips for a successful and satisfying morning snooze:

  • Don't drink too much alcohol the night before your big snooze. Nothing kills good morning sleep like a raging hangover.
  • Eat a moderate dinner. I generally don't have a big appetite when I first wake up, but I have noticed if I really overeat (or eat too little), I'll be starving the next morning. If you're someone who also wakes up ravenously hungry, go eat a quick bowl of cereal and then sneak back into bed.
  • For me, it's all about temperature. Make sure the room temperature is chilly and the bed is nice and warm in the morning. Crack a window to get a slight cool breeze and position your bed so the sun doesn't hit you or the covers directly. Direct sunlight on your duvet will cook you like an oven and blast you right out of bed.
  • Power through. Some people are better at this than others, but I really believe that anyone can fall back asleep in the morning if they will it hard enough. Arm yourself with a good boring book next to your bed in case you need extra help. Once you get over that initial hump, you just might find you've clocked several more hours of good sleep!
  • Keep a clear morning schedule. Push that brunch date back to noon. Cancel those morning meetings. Send the kids to their grandparents. I find that the looming presence of a morning obligation will ruin a good snooze session.
  • Have a partner in crime. Sleeping deep into the morning (or afternoon) can cause feelings of extreme guilt and self loathing, especially if you're someone who loves being productive. If I'm by myself, the guilt will often cut my slumbering short, but if I can convince my fiancée to also sleep in, the whole situation is reframed. I'm not being lazy, we're spending quality time on a sleeping safari!
  • If you're tight on time, setting your alarm clock to go off way before you have to get up is a personal favorite of mine. It's a great feeling to wake up for a moment and know that you have another hour or two of sleep before you have to get up. I call this one balling on a budget.
  • And of course all of this is made easier if you're truly exhausted. You've stayed up late studying for a final, had a hard week at work, just finished a big project. Treat yourself to a 14-hour marathon sleep session, you've earned it. This is the celebratory sleep, and it's my favorite.
If you're interested in sleep and have several hours to kill, this is a fantastic collection of knowledge about sleep.

Happy snoozing!

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