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Featured : Company News

Our Video Player Just Got a Lot Faster: Introducing Vulcan V2

Our new player is faster than ever, which means quicker-loading pages, better SEO, and a superior user experience all around.
by Brendan Schwartz - April 19, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Using Instagram Story Highlights to Show Off Your Business

Thanks to Instagram Story Highlights (and a few creative production tactics), you can humanize and market your business to a wider audience.
by Trevor Holmes - April 12, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Important Videos for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Did you know you can use video at every stage of the marketing funnel? Learn what videos to create and key metrics for success in this post.
by Jenny Mudarri - April 11, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

The Story Behind Our New Swag

More often than not, company swag is unoriginal and just plain boring. So we decided to do something about it.
by Michelle Fine - April 5, 2018 -
Featured : Production

How to Collaborate Remotely on a Video Shoot

With the right setup, remotely directing a video can be just as rewarding as having your entire crew on set and in-person.
by Chris Lavigne - March 29, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Inside Growth at Wistia: The Process Behind Our A/B Tests

From how we structure our experiments, to the documents that help keep us organized, get a behind-the-scenes look at our approach to A/B testing here at Wistia.
by Andrew Capland - March 28, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Why Presentation Videos Are the Ultimate Tools for Sales Pitches

The sales world has often relied on slide decks and PDFs to win over new business. But there’s a better way to close the deal: presentation videos.
by Jordan Wellin - March 23, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Using Video and Email: An Interview with Justine Jordan

We chatted with Justine Jordan, VP of Marketing at Litmus, and learned all about how Litmus uses video and email together as part of their marketing strategy.
by Jenny Mudarri - March 22, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Background Music for Videos: Wistia's Guide to Gear

From software to hardware, learn our favorite pieces of audio production gear for Wistia's custom background music.
by Dan Mills - March 20, 2018 -
Featured : Production

How to Animate an Illustration

With a few steps and the help of tools like Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, your illustrations will be moving in no time.
by Trevor Holmes - March 14, 2018 -
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