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Building an Online Community Using Video

Strategy - July 8, 2016 - - Margot Mazur
Featured : Production

From Headlines to Home Runs: The Evolution of Content Marketing

We asked Cara Harshman, Content Marketing Manager and Managing Blog Editor at Optimizely, all about the evolution of content marketing, her favorite examples of...
by Meryl Ayres - July 7, 2016 -
Featured : Production

How Long Should Your Next Video Be?

We dove into our customer data to find out how long videos should be, when you should go long, and if there are any situations where seconds matter. We looked at...
by Ezra Fishman - July 5, 2016 -
Featured : Company News

How Wistia Grows by Taking the Time to Coast

If my co-founder Brendan and I had been behind the wheel of a VC-backed startup, I'm convinced it would have gone one of two ways. We would have been replaced in...
by Chris Savage - June 30, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

Onboarding + Videos + A/B Testing = Happier New Users

Recently, we ran a series of video a/b tests in our onboarding flow, and we learned some useful lessons that we couldn't wait to share with our audience. Let's...
by Andrew Capland - June 28, 2016 -
Featured : Production

6 Quick Tips for Looking Good on Camera

At Wistia, we've found that looking good on camera is mostly about feeling comfortable. As a talent under those bright lights, it's best if you can forget about...
by Meryl Ayres - June 23, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

The Current State of Video Conversion

A couple weeks ago, we published our guide to how people use Calls to Action in their videos. Using data from across all Wistia-hosted content, we discovered...
by Alyce Currier - June 21, 2016 -

Best Practices for Instagram Video

Production - June 17, 2016 - - Jenny Mudarri
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