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Featured : Strategy

Technical Tips for Using Video and Email Together

From file size and devices, to UX and more, using video in email can be a finicky beast. In this post, Robin walks us through some helpful tips for using video...
by Robin Panish - May 16, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Give Your Viewers More Control with Interactive Captions

With Interactive Captions, your viewers can now search within your video. Welcome to a more inclusive, engaging video experience.
by Molly Wolfberg - May 16, 2018 -
Featured : Production

The Wistia Guide to Being on Camera

You may not be the next Meryl Streep, but that doesn't mean being in front of the camera has to be nerve-racking.
by Jenny Mudarri - May 15, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Common Marketing Challenges (And How to Solve Them with Video)

Don’t let common marketing challenges hold you back from reaching your goals. Instead, let video help you overcome those roadblocks.
by Jenny Mudarri - May 14, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Getting the Video You Want: 3 Must-Have Video Worksheets for Every Marketer

Strong communication is essential to ensuring you get the video you asked for—and so that everyone involved stays happy.
by Barb Gagne - May 14, 2018 -
Featured : Production

DIY, Contractor, or In-house: Setting Your Business' Video Strategy

You've got some decisions to make! Here are the factors you should consider when it comes to your video strategy.
by Dan Mills - May 14, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Say Hello to Sudbuds, the Soapbox Referral Program

Introducing the referral program for those who love Soapbox, want to tell the world about it, and get sweet swag in return.
by Phil Nottingham - May 1, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Adding Video into Your Sales Outreach in 6 Steps

Combat the sales stigma by adding custom videos into your outreach efforts. In 6 steps, you can start creating, sharing, and tracking your videos today.
by Jenny Mudarri - April 26, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Soapbox Activity and Alerts Have Landed

Now you can find out when someone's viewed your Soapbox video, how much of it they watched, and if they clicked your CTA!
by Phil Nottingham - April 25, 2018 -
Featured : Company News

Our Video Player Just Got a Lot Faster: Introducing Vulcan V2

Our new player is faster than ever, which means quicker-loading pages, better SEO, and a superior user experience all around.
by Brendan Schwartz - April 19, 2018 -
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