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Featured : Company News

Introducing Wistia's Agency Partner Program

We're launching a new Agency Partner Program to help all agencies use video to provide better results for their clients. Over the years, we've seen lots of...
by Dee Dee deKenessey - January 28, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

Focus on Your Customers to Create Valuable Partnerships

At Wistia, we've found success in marketing partnerships when we flip the conventional notion of a business alliance on its head. Instead of asking what we can...
by Kristen Craft - January 26, 2016 -

Why Most Company Side Projects Are Destined to Fail

Company News - January 19, 2016 - - Chris Savage
Featured : Product Updates

New Stats Are Here: Our Video Analytics Get a Major Update

At Wistia, we've been working to make it easier to determine whether you’re reaching the right people, keeping those viewers engaged, and turning those viewers...
by Naike Romain - January 14, 2016 -

7 Adobe Premiere Lessons from Editing My First Video

Production - January 13, 2016 - - Margot Mazur
Featured : Production

5 Wistia Videos. 5 Engagement Graphs. What We Learned.

As a video team, we're interested in view count, yes, but we're more interested in overall engagement. Did our concept land? Did our message resonate? After...
by Chris Lavigne - January 12, 2016 -

#WistiaChat with Caleb Wojcik: All Things Video Editing

Production - January 11, 2016 - - Margot Mazur
Featured : Strategy

Webinars: The Unsung Heroes of the Video World

Webinars represent prime opportunities to generate more leads, nurture audience members, and deliver useful content, but they rarely reach their full potential....
by Kristen Craft - January 7, 2016 -

Wistia’s Hackathon: 48 Hours of Chaos with Snacks

Company News - January 5, 2016 - - Laura Powell
Featured : Company News

The 2015 Wistia Rap-Up

2015 was a year of rapid change here at Wistia! As we've added a bunch of people to our team (we grew from **27** to **56** people over the course of this year),...
by Alyce Currier - December 28, 2015 -
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