PSA: The Branding Risk of Consumer Video Sites

Today I was uploading some of our screencasts to different consumer video sites. The intention was to place our videos in places where people might find them in a search and then link back to wistia.com for people who want to learn more. This a standard practice and something we often recommend as a part of a larger marketing strategy.

One of the places I started uploading videos to was Veoh. After uploading, my video page was riddled with related videos, no big deal, this is how these sites drive more views and ad impressions. But a second glance revealed something shocking. The "related videos" include the videos "Naked News", "Sexy Beach 3 Plus Opening", "How to hack a coke machine for change", and "WOMEN DELIVERING BABY VIDEO" among many other videos I do NOT want my company video associated with.

Here is the screenshot I took right after the video was uploaded. Be warned that many would consider this NSFW.


What I don't understand here is that my video is titled "Wistia Video Metrics + Activity Tracking." I've tagged it things like 'business', 'tracking', and 'analytics'. Yet according to the related subject matter, Veoh has decided that "Video Metrics + Activity Tracking" is actually a stage in the human lifecycle between seduction and birth. I do not want my message seen in this context. No business owner does.

Please remember the branding dangers of consumer video before relying on them as your primary source of video hosting. Your viewers will see these related videos. But I guess on the flip-side, sex sells.  So if you'd like to be seen as related to 'sexy girl in bedroom" and "woman delivering baby"  you should go ahead upload your video straight to Veoh and tag it as "video tracking". This public service announcement has been brought you by Wistia.

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