Qualifying your Leads with Video

Using video analytics to gauge prospect interest is a new and exciting chapter for online video.

Kiva Systems, a Wistia customer, was recently featured in Target Marketing magazine talking about how they use Wistia's analytics to gauge prospect interest. This quote from Mitch Rosenberg at Kiva sums up their problem.

"If you wanted to convey an important but incremental innovation, you could compare your technology to another conventional offering. People usually form a picture in their mind when it's something that's quite familiar and essentially an improvement over a well-understood product. But Kiva's technology is not merely an improvement, and so people won't believe our claims at all until they see the robot automation in action," says Mitch Rosenberg, Kiva Systems' vice president of marketing. "Short of flying people to a distribution center, that's often in a remote and hard-to-reach geography, the fastest way to give them that experience is with video over the Internet."

Mitch goes on to describe how they fill in the gaps of who and how the videos are watched.

"The most important question to us," notes Rosenberg, "is who viewed [the video] and when. If we send it to a prospect and they never view it, then that's a signal to our sales force that, in fact, it's not time to spend attention on that prospect. Because we have a lot of prospects, choosing which ones to spend time with is a strategic consideration."

The article is a must read if you want to learn more about how to incorporate video into your sales cycle.

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