Replaceable Video


Your newest video just entered the wild, and you couldn't be prouder. Then, just when the tale seems to be reaching its happy end, you realize you've made a horrible oversight and something major is off. There's no getting around it: you need to replace the video, stat, but the one person with access to the page where the video is embedded is nowhere to be found, and you're racking up views by the hundreds who think your company is named "Wisti" or "Wisteria" or "Bratwurstia" instead of "Wistia".

With our Replaceable Video tool, launched today, you'll never have to worry about this scenario again. With one click, you can upload a new file in the place of any video in your account, and it will be replaced everywhere: in all of your embeds and in the Wistia app. It works with all SuperEmbeds and in all legacy embeds except the legacy HTML embed. As we're encoding the web-viewable versions of your new video, the old version will stay visible. As soon as those encodes are complete, your video will be automatically, seamlessly updated in all locations, with a new thumbnail and everything. So go ahead, run wild, be free and make mistakes. We've entered no regrets mode.

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