Saving Your Default SuperEmbed Settings

You know what's annoying? When you're all up in the SuperEmbed Builder, building mad SuperEmbeds for a whole bunch of videos, and you suddenly realize that for every single video you need to re-create your embed settings. We were feeling the pain as much as you were. It seemed like a no-brainer that there should be some way to save commonly used settings -- but there were a few considerations at play. How could we add this to the Wistia app without introducing overcomplication or clutter? With simplicity as a high priority in designing Wistia, adding additional buttons or features can be a challenge.

Among the solutions we considered: allowing users to add multiple profiles to select from, always using the most recently used setting, or setting account defaults. Multiple profiles would add an additional layer of abstraction to deal with; always using the most recent setting was both technically (using gigantic cookies isn't a great idea) and practically (it's annoying if you make one small change and it affects all future video embeds) imperfect. So we landed on adding a way to save an account default.

When we first implemented this, we had a "Set Profile" button underneath the embed code on the SuperEmbed page. That button brought the user to a dialog with several options to apply account defaults, restore factory defaults, restore the last embed code copied, or save the current setting as a default. After a week (unpromoted), the uptake for the feature was disappointing at best: 13 customers had used the button. The solution was overwhelming, overcomplicated, and no one here was especially pleased with it because it had ended up as a compromise between people who all wanted very different things.

So, Joe and I decided to sit down and give the feature a full redesign. It was too complicated having a series of options in a separate module (one which was such a flop that we don't even have a screenshot to prove its existence). As we redesigned the buttons in the app, we also made a few changes to the Save as Default option.

We moved the button to a more intuitive location, under the customization settings instead of the embed code. We condensed the functionality that had been spread across a separate module into a single "Save As Default" button with the option to restore factory settings located in a help bubble.

This new location and simplicity definitely had a positive effect -- after a week, use went up from around 13 to around 130, and now, 218 customers have used it, still with no announcement about the new button.

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