Selling with Video

Video Engagement Tracking

Recently I’ve noticed a trend with many of our new customers. They’re signing up for Wistia in order to incorporate video into their sales processes. They’re recording screencasts, interviews, or passing along press coverage in order to to better engage prospects and gauge their interest.

This is the workflow:

  1. Create a project and invite contacts
  2. Check stats to gauge their interest
  3. Answer questions and/or add other content
  4. ‘Rinse and repeat’ as needed

It’s a simple yet powerful process.
In person, it would be incredibly rude for someone to get up and leave a presentation mid-way through. But on their own time, at their own computers, they simply WON’T pay attention to you if they’re disinterested.

This solution allows you to approach more prospects at the same time and then focus on only those who are truly interested.

If your prospects had the viewing patterns below, who would you call?

Video Engagement Tracking

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