Sharing (Your Stats) is Caring

You can now share your Wistia stats with anyone! In fact, we completely redesigned the sharing workflow.

Here’s what’s new with sharing video in Wistia:

  • Share your video stats with anyone. Just tick the Stats permission when inviting new users to your projects and they'll be able to see stats for the videos in just that project.
  • What was three screens is now one single, easy dialog. We're really proud of how this turned it. It looks 1,000,000x better and it's much faster and easier to use too.
  • Anyone can be a project admin. There's a long boring reason why this wasn't possible before, but who cares about that? Now anyone can help administrate your projects.
  • Extend all permissions to anonymous viewers. This one's really cool. You can now let viewers of your unlocked projects use the SuperEmbed builder and see your stats!
  • Projects are unlocked by default for new accounts. You can adjust your account's default project privacy setting by going to your Account Dashboard and clicking Settings.

We always want our product to be as simple as possible to use. Some of you may know this already, but Wistia evolved from a private sharing tool into a tool that people expect to be public/shareable. Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and reassess the easiest way to do things for everybody, meeting new users’ expectations of public, shareable video and retaining the power of secure, private video. 

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