Shorter is Still Better

We recently read a blog post by one of our relatively new customers, Blue Mango, that put great big ridiculous smiles on our faces. The blog is about how the folks at Blue Mango used the information from an old post of ours to dramatically improve viewership statistics on one of their videos.

This is the heartwarming tale (it warmed our hearts, at least) from the Blue Mango blog post:

Blue Mango was originally using a two minute long video introduction to ScreenSteps, their screenshot application. When they looked at the video’s analytics, they saw a problem. Only 25% of viewers were watching it all the way to the end. After reading our blog post, which showed that shorter videos have much higher audience engagement rates, Blue Mango decided that their video might be too long. They cut it down to a little over a minute and saw dramatic results. Once the video had been shortened, 75% of viewers were watched it all the way to the end.

It’s great for us to write about Blue Mango’s story, but it’s even better to hear it in their words. So don’t forget to check out their original post. They include their actual engagement graphs before and after re-editing their video. While you’re there, we recommend poking around their other posts; they have a lot of great stuff on there. Enjoy!

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