Improved Stats Exports in Wistia

We just made some updates to the Wistia Stats Exporter!

I recently joined the Engineering team at Wistia, and it's been an unforgettable experience so far. I've never had this much fun while working and gotten this much stuff done while having fun. Improving the stats export feature was a great way for me to dive into the codebase and start contributing right away. I hope you find the feature useful and discover new metrics for analyzing your videos.

Exporting stats for individual videos

You may have already noticed that you can now export up to 30,000 events per video to a .CSV file that includes the date, IP, country, region, city, latitude, longitude, organization, email percent viewed, and embed URL for each event. To get started, click "Export Stats to CSV" in the bottom right corner of the video's stats page.

To export the stats for a video, choose a date range that represents 30,000 events or less, or if the video has less than 30,000 events, leave the date range blank to export all events. We'll email you the file as soon as it's ready!

Exporting stats for a project or entire account

You can also export the stats for a project or an entire account this way! Access these stats by visiting the Stats > Trends page in your account.

Note that if you have "Projects" selected and click on export, we'll export your project stats. If you have "Videos" selected and click on export, we'll export your video stats.

Things to note

  • Exports can take a while! Depending on the amount of data that is requested, this can take several minutes. We'll send you an email with the CSV file attached as soon as it's ready.
  • The headers of the CSV file will change depending on the type of export (video/project/account). Each export dialog displays a preview of the column headers of what will be exported.

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