Stop Throwing Away Valuable Marketing Assets: Your Webinars

It might seem odd for a video marketing company to extol the power of webinars (an arguably competitive medium to video), but we think webinars and video go hand-in-hand like TV and TiVo.

Why are webinars valuable?

For the viewer, webinars provide a way to learn something new about a process, product, approach, or feature. In exchange the viewer is asked to give up their email and any other relevant contact information. For the host, webinars present a way to connect with a new audience. In return the host gets more leads, it's a simple and overall valuable arrangement.

So why are webinars more valuable than previously thought?

They can be recorded. The first time the webinar is presented it creates value. But by simply recording your webinar it can continue to create value for months (and sometimes even years). Here are a couple of easy ways to get more from your recorded webinars.

  • Feature it as a resource on your website
  • Use it as the main event of an email campaign
  • Have your sales team send it as follow up to prospects
  • Provide access to those who couldn't attend live

But how much value will my recorded webinar really add?

We'll measure it. With webinars coming in at 30 and 90 minutes  in length, they are 15-50x longer than the average marketing video. NO ONE will watch 30 minutes (let alone 90) of something that isn't interesting. This is a powerful point. By tracking those people that actually do watch your video you'll learn which individuals are most interested in your topic (not a bad starting point for the sales team) and what interests people most in your webinar (so you can learn how to make your next webinar even better).

And here's a teaser from a future post, a couple of the common ways we see people watching recorded webinars.

Webinar Viewing Types

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