The Art of Brevity

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If you've been following the Wistia blog, you probably already know that it's a good idea to keep your videos shortBut are short videos always the right answer? What if you have more complex or in-depth topics to cover? And how can you make sure your videos don't run long? Fear not, there is a right way to use long videos for your business. Watch this video to see what I'm on about:

Before we get to the Art of Brevity mastery part, here's a quick illustration of the point made in the video:

Move your visitors down your funnel, turn them into customers and fans and present them with more in-depth content, all in one swift motion.

How to Become a Master of Brevity

Here's a simple exercise that will make your videos shorter and better.

Step 1: Record your video, as you normally would.

Step 2: Do only the most basic editing of the video, then watch it.

Step 3: Watch it some more. You need to watch it enough times to get really tired of it. When you're really bored with watching the video, all the parts where you're being unnecessarily verbose and all the parts that could be cut out at no loss will start sticking out like a sore thumb.

Step 4: Re-shoot the same video. On your re-shoot, leave out all the unnecessary parts and compress the content as much as you can. After doing step 3, you will find it a lot easier to get your point across as concisely as possible.

Step 5: If you want to do this on the expert difficulty level, repeat steps 1-4 several times. This is like a video distilling process and you'll end up with a very streamlined piece of media.

The good news is that you don't have to do this same process for every video you create. By going through these steps, you are honing your brevity skills and for future videos, you can apply them right away. As always, the way to make something easy is to be good at it, and the way to be good at something is to do a lot of it.

What methods and reminders do you use, to keep your videos brief and awesome? Share them by leaving a comment below!

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